Creating a Travel Booklet in Adobe InDesign with Kristy Campbell – 1 of 2

Follow along with designer and CEO of Pink Pony Creative Kristy Campbell as she creates a discover Hawaii travel booklet in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator! Watch and learn with Kristy as she takes you through her full design process including selecting color palettes and typography and creating hand-drawn elements that will be added to her booklet!

Download Kristy’s illustrations and assets:

Kristy Campbell is the CEO and Chief Designer at Pink Pony Creative based in New Zealand:

Host Alex Lazaris is the Creative Director of Lazaris, an independent brand studio based in Portland:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:00 Intro of Kristy
02:50 How did Kristy get her start in the industry
05:15 How Kristy begins a project
08:00 Converting hand drawn illustrations into vectors
15:30 Setting up guides
17:10 How does Kristy select fonts?
40:00 Organization tips
45:10 Toggling grids off and on
54:00 Creating a photoshop action
01:05:00 Things to keep in mind while working through your project
01:08:50 Feedback and working with clients
01:35:00 mAdding illustrations to the layout
01:52:00 Kristy’s plans for tomorrow


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