Creating a Structure FROM CURVES in Grasshopper!

In this video, we learn to use Grasshopper to create a structure from a series of curves! This is highly beneficial because the structures can be live adjusted to try different design iterations and more!


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0:00 – Introduction
0:11 – Creating a lofted structure with Rhino Native Tools
1:24 – Creating a lofted structure with Grasshopper
2:25 – Using a loft node to create a surface from curves
2:56 – Changing the loft order of the curve data
4:11 – Changing our curves to adjust our shape
5:00 – Baking our created object
5:36 – Adding thickness to our structure with an Extrude node
6:14 – Giving direction and thickness to our extrusion
7:50 – Changing the curves the grasshopper file references


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