Create AMAZING 3D Lettering Easily (Vectary & Procreate)

In this 3D Tutorial, I will quickly show you how easily it is to create 3D Lettering using only Vectary & Procreate. Vectary, free 3D design platform:

If there’s anything you would like me to cover in a video, then let me know by commenting down below!

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Edited by PJ Summers:

📋 Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:17 About Vectary
00:50 Creating 3D cubes in Vectary
01:37 Texture Projection in Vectary
02:16 Exporting document as a USDZ file type
02:40 Opening the 3D file in Procreate
03:35 Hand Drawn Typography in Procreate
04:10 Changing the 3D environment settings in Procreate
04:28 Adding the hand-drawn texture in Vectary
04:59 Exporting design from Vectary
05:30 Augmented Reality QR Code
05:57 Outro



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