Create a Sci-Fi Movie Poster in Photoshop with Jesús Ramirez

Join Jesús Ramirez from the Photoshop Channel as he takes you through his process of creating a professional movie poster. Follow along as he uses multiple Adobe Stock images to design a Sci-Fi-themed movie poster in Photoshop. Tune in to get your questions answered and learn how the professionals do it in the entertainment industry!

Guest Jesús Ramirez is a San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Designer and the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube:

Host Daniel Flores (DTM, DaCreativeGenius) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, GA:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:20 Jesús talks about his work – plan for today’s session
07:41 Naming layers – creating an action to name layers
10:32 Adjusting the scale of images – sky replacement
22:04 Starting with a black mask – infinite mask
25:24 Adding AT-ATs – scaling with pivot point
27:45 Explaining atmospheric perspective – applying with color overlay
34:18 Composting the Death Star into the scene – blend if functions
39:14 Adding grain/noise preview
41:51 Adding a line of storm troopers – fill pattern along path
48:49 Masking subject – adding a Jedi to the scene
54:50 Name options for the Jedi character
56:20 Making the Jedi layer a smart object and adding to composition
57:58 Keyboard shortcuts for brush size and softness
58:38 Merging the comp down, adjusting in Camera Raw Filter
1:02:35 Adding mask overlays in Camera Raw Filter
1:03:55 Working on the Jedi lighting – Saturation tip
1:08:39 Editing the lightsaber color with layer styles – adding lens flare
1:12:45 Color noise reduction with the Camera Raw Filter
1:18:23 Editing the beach
1:20:33 Compositing the feet to fit in with the sand – custom brush settings
1:26:02 Contact shadow on the feet
1:27:11 Lightsaber highlights – blend modes and blend if to add color
1:32:44 Compositing Stormtroopers into the water
1:36:02 Searching by image on Adobe Fonts – adding type
1:39:32 Compositing birds into the scene
1:45:16 Adding a cast shadow to the Jedi – adjusting blur/layer mask
1:49:58 Adding flyaway hair
12:59:11 Wrap up and sign off


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