Create a DIY Horror Movie Poster | Part I, The Nest

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It’s that time of year again – ghouls and goblins are on the prowl, and we are celebrating it in style! It’s movie poster competition time!!!

Want to make the movie poster in this tutorial? Grab the files here:

**Contest Details:
Enter your DIY Horror Movie Poster for a chance to win a FREE YEAR of PHLEARN PRO!

Contest Start Date: October 10th 2017
Contest End Date: October 30th 2017
Winners will be announced on YouTube: October 31st 2017 (Halloween)
Submit Images:

How to Photograph a Horror Movie Poster

For this contest, we ask that you keep your entries DIY. That means creativity over cost – think about how you can make, build, adapt, and scrap together objects for a great photo.

For this image we used a bare 200W light bulb as the light source. This light-bulb was set in a simple housing and clamped to a light stand.

To block the light coming into the camera, we used a bit of CINE-FOIL wrapped around the bulb and clamp. We happened to have some Cine-foil laying around, but you could use aluminum foil or anything else that blocks light.

The only other prop was the plastic wrap that we covered Aaron in.

DISCLAIMER: Be Careful! If you decide to cover your face in plastic wrap – keep in mind you won’t be able to breathe. Always keep the back open, so you can remove the plastic wrap easily and BREATHE. Seriously – Don’t hurt yourself or anyone else for a photo.

We used a BLACK SEAMLESS BACKDROP for the background. You can use any dark wall or just shoot this outside at night for a black background.

Little Photoshop of Horrors

In Photoshop, we’ll show you how to take a simple photographic concept and expand on it to build a world around your subject. These techniques are perfect if you want to take a strange and interesting portrait of your subject and then place them in a new environment.

To begin, we mask out the background so that our subject will blend seamlessly into the new background. Place a Fill Layer on the bottom of the Layer Stack and fill it with black. Make that black background visible by selecting the layer with your subject and clicking on the Layer Mask icon. Use the Brush Tool to paint black on the layer mask over areas of the background to remove them.

Don’t worry about creating a perfect mask using this method! If you photographed your subject in front of a darkblack background, we’ll show you an easy technique to get a near-perfect cutout.

Follow along in the video to see how we blend together our subject and the new backgrounds, and add mood-creating color/text!




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