“Copenhagenisation” of cities can be tool of exclusion says Interboro | VDF x CAMP

The final talk for Virtual Design Festival’s partnership with CAMP sees Brooklyn and Detroit-based architecture studio Interboro share its views on public space interventions and urban planning.

“How can the built environment support, increase or play a role, at least, in the idea of the public sphere as one of playful interaction?” Interboro co-founder Tobias Armborst asked at his lecture for CAMP, Prague’s centre for architecture and urban planning, in June 2019.

“That’s something that’s important to us,” he added.

The studio, founded in the early 2000’s, thinks of public space as a place of difference, not unity, where different cultural expressions and publics meet.

Its recent book The Arsenal of Exclusion and Inclusion deals with artefacts and policies that show divisions in the American landscape.

Armborst delved into the theme in his lecture, covering a number of tactics used by developers and residents to exclude neighbourhoods that differ in race and economic status from certain areas.

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