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Are you struggling to reach the right audience and convert them into loyal customers?

Chris Do sits down with Amanda Webb, a digital marketing strategist who works with service-based businesses to develop ROI driven digital marketing strategies. Amanda shares her journey of realizing the importance of focusing on the right metrics rather than getting lost in a sea of data. Amanda opens up about her journey, revealing how she learned to zero in on the key metrics that matter, instead of drowning in irrelevant data. She shares her shift from obsessively creating content to strategically designing content that leads to sales, all without sounding like a pushy salesperson. Tune in for insider tips on choosing the right lead magnets, understanding your audience’s needs, and harnessing the power of live shows.

Amanda doesnโ€™t stop there! She takes us behind the scenes of her online events, sharing how being on camera helped her build trust and convert viewers into buyers. She spills the beans on how she leveraged an online event, ‘analytics day,’ to skyrocket her email list and convert participants into clients. Amanda shares her secret sauce for creating lead magnets quickly and efficiently, and how to test them to find the ones that truly resonate with your audience.

Amanda gives us a sneak peek into her game-changing programs, Analytics Ace and one-to-one Google Analytics training. These programs are your golden ticket to measuring what truly matters, optimizing your marketing efforts, and ultimately driving more sales. She dishes out all the details on the structure, cost, and benefits of these programs and encourages viewers to visit her website for more information and resources. Packed with practical tips, real-life examples, and a clear roadmap for success, this conversation is a goldmine for anyone looking to supercharge their digital marketing efforts and grow their business. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to visit Amanda’s website at to access valuable resources and take your business to the next level.

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Host: Chris Do
Producer: Mark Contreras
Cinematographers/Editors: Stewart Schuster @RodrigoTasca & @Tascastudios MOCS Media



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