Conference: “Landscape Infrastructure” – Representing Infrastructure

Landscape Infrastructure

Systems & Strategies for Contemporary Urbanization

A two-day symposium exploring the future of infrastructure and urbanization beyond the dogma of civil engineering and transportation planning. Presentations and panel discussions focus on the growing agency of ecology to propose responsive strategies that address the predominant challenges facing urban economies today including climate dynamics, carbon and nitrogen accumulation, population mobilities, and resource economies.

Drawing from an array of interrelated disciplines and practices, guest speakers include:

Kate Ascher, Happold Consulting

Public Works: The Subterranean Anatomy of a City


Sabine Barles, Université Paris 1, UMR Géographie-Cités

The Nitrogen Question: Urban metabolism and the making of urban landscape, 19th–21st century


Liz Barry, PLOTS – Public Laboratory for Open Technology & Science

Citizen Cartographies


Erle Ellis, Geography & Environmental Systems, UMBC

The Anthromes Project


Wendi Goldsmith, The Bioengineering Group

Ecological Enterprise Leadership


Jo Guldi, Harvard Society of Fellows

The Infrastructure State


Kevin S. Holden, US Army Corps of Engineers Watershed

Economics & Floodplain Politics


Peter del Tredici, Arnold Arboretum – GSD

Plants as Megastructure


Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich

Degrees of Precision


Eduardo Rico & Enriqueta Llabres, ARUP – Relational Urbanism

Urban Processes & Relational Modelling


Todd Shallat, Center for Idaho History and Politics, BSU

Building Infrastructure: Water, Science & Technology and the rise of the US Army Corps of Engineers


Kevin Shanley & Ying-Yu Hung, SWA – I.R.I.S.

Building Soft


Dirk Sijmons, TU Delft, HNS Landschapsarchitecten

The Metabolic Landscape


Rosalind Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Infrastructure as Lived Experience


Dawn Wright, ESRI Chief Scientist & Oceanographer

Geodesigning Coastal and Ocean Space