Conceptual Architecture Symposium – Part 1 – Bob Maxwell, Will Alsop, Charles Jencks

Lecture date: 1975-01-17


Day 1 AM – Speakers Will Alsop, Charles Jencks

Summarized trasncription:

BOB MAXWELL: Can architecture be considered a form of art? If so, it could be argued that there can be such a thing as conceptual architecture. Artists are engaging in a process to remove art from the galleries and museums in order to bring it into life. Is this fact throwing any light to the relation between art and architecture? Conceptual art and conceptual architecture; could be considered the same thing? Or on the contrary, there might be an irreconcilable gap between them.

WILL ALSOP: I want to look for evidence of conceptual architecture, in order to stimulate a discussion with the public and among the public. [He shows a video of 20 min, which is missing].

CHARLES JENCKS: Conceptual architecture and conceptual art are conventional terms which are historically tied to a particular historical movement. There are three definitions of concept, or ways to understand it. Le Corbusier generated thousands of new concepts for architecture.  Concepts are a drug for architects.

[Questions from the audience follow, at the end, 3 (people disguised as) monkeys appear in the room.]

Symposium over two days speakers include; Will Alsop, Peter Eisenman, Charles Jencks, Peter Cook, Cedric Price, Bernard Tschumi, David Stezaker, Colin Rowe, Dalibor Vesely, Jo Rykwert, Rosalee Goldberg. Chairman Bob Maxwell.

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