Collective Intelligence In Design – Part 1

Lecture date: 2006-11-03

Chris Perry, Chris Hight, Tom Verebes

Symposium in association with the publication of the Collective Intelligence in Design issue of AD, guest-edited by Chris Hight and Chris Perry. Exploring how today’s most compelling design is emerging from new forms of collaborative practice and modes of collective intelligence, Collective Intelligence in Design engages with two predominant phenomena: design’s relationship with new information and telecommunication technologies and the new economies of globalization.

Brett Steele (AA Director) – Introduction (32 mins)

Chris Perry (Cornell University, Pratt Institute, servo, Responsive Systems Group) and Chris Hight (Rice University, mesolith) – Overview (44 mins)

Tom Verebes (AADRL, ocean d) – Associative Practices in the Management of Complexity (44 mins)



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