Chrome Extensions EVERY Designer Needs (NEW 2021 Edition)

Today learn about 5 AMAZING Google Chrome extensions that every graphic designer needs for 2021. I have handpicked some of the most useful extensions out there for designers and creatives alike, which will boost your productivity and workflow, or just help you become inspired.

When thinking about Google Chrome extensions for designers, it’s important to find free ones so that everyone watching this video can benefit from them. Also I want to make sure that they are of course useful and not just some gimmick. That’s why I did spend quite a lot of time looking for great Google Chrome extensions for designers, simply for todays video. That’s where I differ from a lot of other graphic design channels out there, here at Satori Graphics I do put in a lot of time and effort for you guys, and I hope you find todays extensions useful 🙂
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Chrome Extensions:
Colour Palette
Dark Mode Everywhere
Blue Button
Google Art Extension
Nimbus Screen Capture

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