CHRISTOPHER LEE: Accommodation, Architecture as a Common Framework

SDI Lecture Series, July 8, 2020

The discursive relation between type and the idea of the city underpins the work of Serie Architects. Such a view presupposes that the architecture that arises out of the lessons drawn from the typical elements of the city resonates with a common familiarity and purpose. This pursuit of an architecture that can act as a common framework is not an attempt to revive an anachronistic image of the past but is in fact a search for the idea that can be commonly held so as to invest architecture with a social, political and cultural relevance.

Christopher Lee is the co-founder and principal of Serie Architects London, Mumbai, Singapore and Beijing; and leads the design of Serie across all four offices. His research, writings and teaching on the embedded intelligence and cultural values of building types underpins the work of the practice. He is the London Mayor’s Design Advocate, and Associate Professor in Practice at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, from 2012-2018.

Serie is the recipient of the prestigious BD Young Architect of the Year Award and was recently named as one of the 10 visionary architects for the new decade by the Leading European Architects Forum and was selected by ICON as one of 20 Essential Young Architects in the world in 2008. Serie’s current projects include the Singapore Subordinate Courts Complex, The School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, and the Jameel Art Centre, Dubai.

YouTube Thumbnail Image:
Finbarr Fallon, courtesy of Serie Architects



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