Christopher.C.M.Lee – Working in Series

Lecture date: 2010-11-23

Drawing on his academic work and practice, Christopher C.M. Lee reflects upon the possibility of a renewed understanding of typology as an operative theory for the practice of architecture in a globalized world.

Christopher C M Lee is the co-founder and principal of Serie. He graduated with the AA Diploma (Hons) and is the co-director of the AA Projective Cities Programme. He previously taught at the AA in Histories and Theories Studies (2009–10) and was the Unit Master for Diploma School (Unit 6, 2004–09) and Intermediate School (Unit 2, 2002–04­). He is pursuing his doctoral research at the Berlage Institute Rotterdam on the topic of the dominant type and the city.

Serie, founded in 2007 by Christopher C.M Lee and Kapil Gupta, is based in London, Mumbai, Beijing and Chengdu. The practice’s theoretical interest lies in the relationship between dominant types and the city. The practice works typologically – thinking and designing in series – and is committed to the projection of the cumulative intelligence of types into architectural projects. Serie theorises to practice and practices to enable theoretical speculations. Serie sustains this by teaching, writing and research in the AA and Berlage Institute. The works of Serie have been exhibited and published widely. Serie is recently nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov Prize 2010 for conceptual architecture and chosen as the 10 visionary architects for the new decade by the Leading European Architects Forum. Serie has also won numerous awards of excellence including BD Young Architect of the Year Award Runner-up 2008, and was selected by ICON Magazine as one of the world’s 20 Essential Young Architects in the world.