Cao Fei, Yang Beichen, Sun Xiaoxi, Hans Ulrich Obrist & Joseph Constable

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Cao Fei: HX

To mark the publication of Cao Fei’s new book HX, the artist will be in conversation with curator and academic Yang Beichen, HX designer Sun Xiaoxi, Serpentine Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist, and curator Joseph Constable. HX, published on the occasion of Cao Fei’s exhibition, Blueprints, at the Serpentine Galleries between 3 March-13 September, forms part of the artist’s extensive research project of the same name developed over several years.

Working like an archaeologist, Cao Fei seeks to propose alternative versions of the history of Hongxia Theatre in Beijing, as neither the narrative of China’s electronic industry nor the life and fate of an entire generation has ben fully explored until now. The HX project has become an ambitious time-space complex, and the resulting publication developed alongside the project has taken shape over the course of this long-term research.



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