Building Stunning Landing Pages in Adobe XD with Kelsey McCormick – 1 of 2

Tune in with branding and web designer Kelsey McCormick for a crash course in designing landing pages. In this two-part series, she’ll create two custom landing pages for the Trashy Collection, a sustainable Creative Agency. Each landing page will represent a different side of the business – one for the art side and the other for the creative studio!

Guest Kelsey McCormick is a branding and web designer based in Los Angeles:

Host Ruben Cespedes is a Senior Product Designer and Adobe XD Ambassador based in Allentown, Pennsylvania:

Learn more about the Trashy Collection:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:20 Introduction of Kelsey and project overview
13:00 Working with hover states
16:00 Working closely with other designers + do you need to understand code?
20:30 Previewing an animation
21:00 Creating a landing page
23:50 When does Kelsey start thinking about mobile design?
33:00 Choosing button designs
43:00 Ruben and Kelsey’s favorite resources to use when designing
47:00 Designing a “Services” section of the webpage
50:20 What is the format of Kelsey’s usual design process?
55:45 Experimenting with color
57:50 Designing a “Values” section
58:10 Handling creative block
01:08:00 Using the Repeat Grid and Scroll features
01:11:30 Designing a “Client Love” section
01:18:45 The different aspects of UIUX design
01:23:50 What are Ruben and Kelsey’s favorite parts of UIUX design?
01:29:00 The importance of SEO
01:30:00 Does Kelsey design with video?
01:34:30 Creating concepts for clients
01:43:30 Where did the name “Coming Up Roses” come from?
01:46:00 The difference between a font and a typeface
01:50:00 A recap of work from Day 1
01:53:00 Advice for designers beginning and new project


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