Building A Client Website From Scratch – Building A Brand, Episode 8

What is the process of building a website from scratch? How do you design and develop a website? What makes a website stick out? How do you create a website with great user experience (UX) and is easy to maintain? How do user profiles shape the design of a website?

In episode 8 of Building A Brand, we take you behind through the process of building a website from scratch for the Hamilton’s.

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A website is one of the most important tools for any business to have today. While Blind’s client, Hamilton Family Brewery, primarily operates out of a physical location, owners Josh and Crysten Hamilton are hoping to expand into retail for beer sales and e-commerce for merchandise sales. They’re going to need a website that can tell their story to people who might find Hamilton on a store shelf, instead of the Tasting Room, while also being able to sell t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise people who can’t visit Rancho Cucamonga might want to purchase. It needs to tell their story, let people know what they have on tap, and inform visitors of their upcoming events, all while being easy for Josh and Crysten to maintain themselves.

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🎬 Episode breakdown:
00:35 – Previously On
01:38 – What is the Web Creation process?
02:34 – The biggest concerns over the web site
03:07 – Site Map and Wire Frame Review
03:36 – Focus on User Profiles
04:38 – Going over the Site Map
05:15 – Wireframe Overview
06:29 – Client Presentation
08:00 – Discussion on Website Maintenance (who will do it?)
08:52 – Visual Design Review
14:51 – Why Blind is using Webflow
16:06 – Super awesome design montage
16:31 – Heading to Hamilton
17:01 – Handing off the website
18:59 – Focus on the Beer Feature page
19:32 – Maintenance overview
22:44 – On our next episode

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