Building a Case Study with Josh Iwata – 2 of 2

Join Creative Director & COO of ClassHero Josh Iwata on Adobe Live as he creates a Behance case study on a recently launched design project. This week Josh will take you through his entire design process!

Josh is the COO and Creative Director at ClassHero living and working in Portland, Oregon.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Intro: 2:30
Work begins: 7:00
Great posting practices for Behance: 17:00
Advice for creating project presentations: 21:30
Mass adding colors and character styles to the Assets Panel: 23:50
Shortcut to show all prototype paths: 56:25
Scroll through of the design: 1:23:00
Adding the project to Behance: 1:39:20



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