Build Your Dream Firm: Business Tips for Architects with Karen Compton

Today is the second part of my interview with Karen Compton. Karen Compton is the principal of A3K Consulting, a firm focused on business consulting for small and medium sized AEC firms.

In today’s incredible interview you’ll discover fundamental business tips and strategies for building your dream architecture firm.

You’ll also discover:

– The #1 marketing strategy for small architecture firms
– The #1 networking killer (never do this at a networking event)
– The 3 steps to effective networking
– The key to being a master networker (even if you are an introvert)
– How to market your architecture firm (even if you are an introvert)
– One business building strategy you should ALWAYS be doing
– How to hire the best team even if you can’t match the salaries of larger firms
– The 2 essential weekly meetings you must have (even if you work alone)
– How to avoid burnout and overwhelm in your architecture firm
– The #1 key to building the architecture firm (and life) of your dreams
– The 3 critical parts of a mission-based architecture firm

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