Bryan Bell LF '11, "Expanding Design through Activism"

Bryan Bell is a design activist, advocating for proactive design in the public interest. He is the Executive Director of Design Corps, a non-profit organization he founded in 1991 “to provide the benefits of architecture to those traditionally un-served by the profession.” He has used grass root strategies to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on how this mission might be accomplished, both in his own work and in the work of others.

In 2000, Bryan started an AmeriCorps program that trains rising designers to serve communities. In 2005, he started a summer studio for students to supplement their education with skills needed to complete a community design/build project from start to finish. His effort to share best community-based practices with the newest generation of architects led to an annual conference called Structures for Inclusion, now in its tenth year. Selected presentations from the conference have been collected in two publications: Good Deeds Good Design, Community Service through Architecture and Expanding Architecture, Design as Activism. In 2005 with several Loeb alumni he co-founded the SEED Network to define the social, economic, and environmental roles of architecture and design, and to strengthen those roles in communities where they are needed most.

As a current Loeb Fellow, Bryan will continue to work to grow the SEED Network, researching and documenting design projects that address the critical issues faced in the world today.


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