Brush Hour: Emulating Pencils and Graphite in Photoshop with Kyle T. Webster

Digital pencil drawing is better than ever thanks to custom brushes – now, you can get the look of traditional graphite tools in Photoshop (and Fresco!) with the help of the right brushes and smudge tools. Follow along with Kyle as he puts these custom brushes to work!

Kyle T. Webster is a Sr. Design Evangelist at Adobe based in North Carolina:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
4:00 Demonstrating Pencil Brushes
5:15 What is a Stamp in Photoshop?
6:18 Working with Hand Tilt
17:17 How to Search Brushes by Name
17:48 Working with the Animator Pencil
23:45 Using Pencil Brushes for Shading
25:33 Using the Kid Crayon
26:55 Benefits of Smoothing
31:25 Demonstrating the Perfect Pencils
38:50 Turing Solid Colors Mode Off
45:40 Tilty Pencils
50:20 Using Graphite Pencils and Shaders


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