Breakout! Laura Forlano, Sean Savage, Antonina Simeti, Dana Spiegel, and Anthony Townsend

Project Presentation: Breakout!
Laura Forlano, Sean Savage, Antonina Simeti, Dana Spiegel, and Anthony Townsend
Introduction by Mark Shepard
Recorded: September 25, 2009

Presented as part of the public program series organized in conjunction with the Architectural League’s fall 2009 exhibition Toward the Sentient City.

Laura Forlano, Dana Spiegel, Antonina Simeti, and Anthony Townsend discuss the inspirations, design, and initial experiences behind “Breakout!,” their experiment of mobile work organized for the League’s exhibition Toward the Sentient City. “Breakout!” is a festival of work in the city that explores the dynamic possibilities of a single question: what if the entire city were your office?

Laura Forlano received her Ph.D. in Communications from Columbia University, where she explored the intersection between organizations and technology and the role of place in communication, collaboration and innovation. She is an Adjunct Faculty member in Design and Management at Parsons and in the Graduate Programs in International Affairs and Media Studies at The New School.

Sean Savage has ten years of experience in user research and experience design, with a focus on digital design for physical spaces. He co-founded PariSoMa, a co-working space in San Francisco. He also invented and served as CEO of PlaceSite, a location-based digital service that enhances offline social interaction in cafes and other work spaces.

Antonina Simeti is a consultant at DEGW, where she explores her interest in applying urban economic and planning principles to corporate workplace and learning environments. She has a special interest in knowledge industries, and specifically spaces in which innovation happens. She has experience in urban planning, public policy research, and environmental review.

Dana Spiegel is a Software and Product Development Consultant and the President of sociableDESIGN, a company that helps start-ups create and refine their online software and services. He is also Executive Director of NYCwireless, a non-profit that creates free, public Wi-Fi hotspots in New York City.

Anthony Townsend is Research Director in the Technology Horizons Program of the Institute for the Future, an independent research group based in Silicon Valley. He has authored over 20 journal articles and book chapters on the role of telecommunications in urban development and design.

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