Bocci's 87 series lighting is made from stretched loops of opalescent glass

Canadian lighting brand Bocci pulled and stretched loops of hot glass like taffy to create its pearlescent 87 series pendant.

To create the lighting – which will be shown at Milan design week – long sections of glass were pulled out and folded back on themselves as they cooled. By doing this air is trapped in the loop, creating a grainy, textured effect.

The process is highly precise, requiring the glass to be at an exact temperature to create and trap bubbles. The sections are folded back on themselves at least ten times, each time capturing extra air and making the glass appear more opalescent.

“This technique we developed is true to the intrinsic properties of glass in a fundamental way,” said Bocci creative director Omer Arbel, who recently designed a lighting installation for London‘s Barbican.

“It is extremely simple in concept and yet requires tremendous sensitivity and skill on the part of the glassblowers to execute well,” he added.

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