Beneath and Beyond Big Data: Mark Shepard Intro

Recorded: April 28, 2012

In April 2012, the League presented Beneath and Beyond Big Data, a symposium–co-organized by Omar Khan, Trebor Scholz, and Mark Shepard–to celebrate the publication of the final issue in the Situated Technologies Pamphlets Series. The half-day event addressed current issues surrounding situated technologies and the increasing entanglement of data, technology, and the built environment, and identified future trajectories for their evolution.

Mark Shepard is an artist, architect, and researcher whose post-disciplinary practice addresses new social spaces and signifying structures of contemporary network cultures. Shepard is co-organizer of the Situated Technologies Project and is co-author, with Adam Greenfield, of Situated Technologies Pamphlet 1: Urban Computing and Its Discontents. He was also curator of the exhibition Toward the Sentient City.




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