Autocad – Learn Autocad 3D in 45 minutes

In this video you will learn to start using Autocad in 3D.
It looks a bit complex in the beginning, but it’s quite similar as drawing in 2D. Of course, there are special commands and the UCS coordinate is a tool you may use a lot for 3D Modelling.


00:19 Part 1

00:44 Switch workspaces
01:48 Make a solid from a rectangle (command presspull)
03:07 Visual styles
04:01 Viewpoints and UCS coordinates
07:34 Draw on a face of a solid
09:17 Dynamic UCS
10:09 Viewports in the model space

13:27 Part 2

13:48 Solid Primitives
14:12 Box
14:53 Cylinder
15:11 Cone
15:55 Add a 3rd dimension to Objects
16:04 Extrude
17:53 Presspull
19:05 3D Polyline
20:04 Boolean Operations (modifying 3D solids)
20:34 Union
21:07 Subtract
22:34 Intersect
23:22 Change Grid colors
24:45 Loft (Add a 3rd dimension to Objects -2nd part)

29:05 Part 3

29:19 Revolve
32:06 Slice
34:03 Slice on orthograpic views
35:27 Solidedit
35:59 Extract Edges
36:30 Imprint
37:24 Extrude Faces
38:54 Taper Faces
39:46 Separate
40:34 3D Rotate
42:49 3D Move
43:38 3D Mirror

The video shows the version 2020 of AutoCAD® and it is used exclusively for educational purposes.
Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.
The narration and all the illustrations were created by CAD in Black.


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