Autocad – Complete course for beginners

Complete course for beginners in Autocad.
This video is intended first time learners and comprises 3 different tutorials.

You can find them independently in the following links:

Complete tutorial for beginners:
Complete tutorial for intermediates:
Complete tutorial for intermediates 2:

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Tutorial 1: Complete tutorial for beginners
0:00:00 Intro and overview
0:09:55 Learn to draw in Autocad
0:21:25 Commands to Modify objects
(move, copy, rotate, offset, trim, extend, mirror…)
0:41:10 Units, Layers, Blocks, Print a project, Text
1:00:46 Scale, Stretch, Hatch, Array, Explode, Utilities panel
1:30:57 Dimension Lines

Tutorial 2: Complete tutorial for intermediates
1:40:02 Objects, Annotation, Zoom
2:02:08 Layout, Grid and Snap, UCS, Shortcut menu
2:23:16 Attributes, Dynamic Blocks
2:43:54 Design Center, Block and Tool Palettes, XREFs
3:02:51 Multileaders, Properties of objects (Color, Lineweight, Linetype)

Tutorial 3: Complete tutorial for intermediates 2
3:18:11 Status bar
3:27:19 Dimension lines – advanced tips
3:42:09 Lines and Polylines (extra tips), Spline, XLine, Ray, Point, Divide, Measure
3:55:56 Texts (advanced tips)

The video shows a version of AutoCAD® and it is used exclusively for educational purposes.
Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.
The narration and all the illustrations were created by CAD in Black.


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