Augmenting Reality: 289 Technology Seminar, Student: Derek Woods

Video rules the world. Why? Because moving images present a more visceral experience that still ones. We don’t perceive the world as static, we perceive it in constant motion. There was a time when we were forced to use static images in our work because the equipment required to manage and manipulate video was too expensive and too difficult to operate. A small group of specialists who invested in complicated and esoteric machinery were responsible for generating all the video content we saw in theaters and on television. Today, those facilities still generate content but they are far outnumbered by video hosting sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and by the millions of people with video cameras, slrs and mobile phones who upload content on a daily basis.

This course will explore the confluence of design and visual effects through a series of video manipulations. Students will learn the basic skills required to add virtual elements to live action photography. The techniques spring from the world of Visual Effects (think “Fight Club” Ikea Shot, or Harold Crick’s vision in “Stranger Than Fiction”), but in this seminar they will be employed for architectural analysis, critique and design. 

Led by Lecturer Ron Frnakel



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