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Assets created in other tools are compatible in Aero.
While the Adobe Creative Cloud has increased the ease of synching files across Adobe tools, with the latest release Aero has made it easier to synch these files as well as to source files from a variety of applications stored locally. Familiar 2D formats supported in Aero include JPEG, Photoshop format (PSD/PSB), PNG, SVG, TIFF, and GIF. Also, 3D file formats including GLB (GLTF), OBJ, 3DS, and FBX among others used by Maya, C4D, and other 3D authoring tools.

Creators can author and share entirely on-the-go.
As more Adobe tools become available for mobile devices including Illustrator and Fresco for iPad, creators can choose to have an entirely mobile workflow for authoring and experiencing AR and add immersive features within only a few clicks. Imagine illustrating on iPad and then bringing those assets into Aero to add interactive behaviors and then placing them into an environment so they appear to exist in a real space. Not only can you share the whole experience with friends or clients who can then experience it in mobile AR for a site-specific installation or as a globally accessible experience placed anywhere. Capturing video and sharing on social media taps into a robust global community of augmented reality creators.

Aero is intuitive – especially for other Adobe creators.
While many other augmented reality tools currently require steep learning curves, coding knowledge, and often restrictive file size limits, Aero makes it easier to start experimenting in AR quickly and author experiences worth sharing. Creatives fluent in other Adobe tools have expressed surprise in how immediately satisfying it is to experiment in Aero because of the interface’s similarity to their favorite tools.



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