Artist Worlds Twitch Best Bits | Serpentine

Catch up all our Artist Worlds Twitch events now via Serpentine Twitch – or find your favourite below!
👾 dmstfctn – Godmode Epochs 👾
Set among the lined shelves of an infinite, simulated supermarket, players race against time to train an AI to identify products.
🦠 Libby Heaney ft Meghna Jayanth – Wild Data 🦠
How can we better leverage non-human perspectives within virtual worldbuilding?
🧚 Gabriel Massan: Third World The Bottom Dimension 🧚
Close your mind to start! Explore the single player multi-level game designed by artist Gabriel Massan and collaborators.
🦄 Keiken: Morphogenic Angels Part 2 🦄
Explore how we will think and feel in 1000 years time within a single player speculative future in which players gain transhuman abilities through interspecies modifications.

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