Artist Worlds: Primal Tourism

Join artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen and friends in this experimental live multiplayer virtual event focused on the interrelationship between ecology, sustainability and advancing technologies.

Hosted in a unique and newly built VR gaming environment; a virtual island modelled on Bora Bora in French Polynesia, that was initially developed for Jakob’s work Primal Tourism (2016), the artist takes us on an immersive tour of his world. Crash landing, we navigate between an abandoned airport, a flooded beach resort, a deserted workers town, an old colonial office, and an overgrown forest, floor strewn with tsunami warning signs from a past future. Along the way we’ll meet some of his close collaborators: academic Alenda Chang, artist Rindon Johnson and writer Mikkel Rosengaard, and experience live readings that speak to our ecological present, discuss creative world-building practices and the ‘reimagination of nature’ through technology.

Come as you ava-tar.




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