Art and Artists | Ep. 4 | FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP

For the fourth and final week of Film Vault Summer Camp, we are going back to the basics, highlighting what puts the “A” in MoMA—art—and, of course, the artists who make it. While the Department of Film collects and exhibits films and videos that we consider to be works of art, we also have a fair number of movies about art and art movements, including documentaries, newsreels, home movies, and interviews—genres that are often overlooked or not considered to have artistic merit. The two featured films are important cultural documents of significant people, places, and events, but at the same time they stand on their own as artworks…and just plain good movies.

Watch this week’s films:

Chapman Home Movies (1934–43) – Limited streaming through September 3, 2020

A Japanese House (1955)

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