Architecture + Philosophy: Spinoza

Doctoral Consortium
Architecture + Philosophy
10 March 2024 | Sunday | 10.00 am EST | 3.00 pm CET

Baruch de Spinoza

Spinoza’s philosophy harbors promising implications for architecture. He develops some of the sharpest critical tools to challenge hierarchical structures that elevate architecture over nature, mind over body, form over matter, and humans over nonhumans. Despite the richness of such implications, we have never fully explored the untapped potentials of this missed encounter. Breaking this three-and-a-half-centuries-long silence, this lecture is a first step in introducing the latent connections between Spinoza’s philosophy and architecture, calling into question the tired conceptions we take for granted at the junction of both fields.

We welcome as our guest, Gökhan Kodalak (Pratt | Parsons | Cornell), who completed an extensive PhD dissertation on the topic of Spinoza and Architecture at Cornell University.


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