Architectural Education Symposium: Taschenwelts (small worlds)

Lecture date: 2004-10-29

Taschenwelts are metaspaces in which the relationships of the larger world are reconfigured, where ideas grow or are nurtured to maturity. Greenhouses, wombs and incubators are metaspaces, as are schools. In architectural education this leads to responsibilities, as society seeks answers to the questions of how we live, move, work, and how we are affected by global changes and other peoples plight. Since taschenwelts are also outside the world, they allow the freedom to recreate it, imagine new relationships, and yet carry the risk of these not being realised. This process entails constantly crossing the vertical line of learning and research with the horizontal sweep of intuitive creativity: a mark on the horizon.

Raoul Bunschoten is founder director of CHORA architecture and urbanism.



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