Architectural Education Symposium: Assessment and External Examining

Lecture date: 2004-10-28

What should be the nature and structure of assessment within architectural education? Are there are any obvious reforms which might improve the quality and fairness of assessment at the AA? Peter Carl co-directs the graduate programme in the History and Philosophy of Architecture at Cambridge University where he teaches Diploma Studio. He began serving as an external examiner at the AA before many of the present students were born.

In 1988 John Tuomey set up O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects with Sheila O’Donnell, a practice which has won national and international awards. He was President of the Architectural Association of Ireland in 1992 and was elected a fellow of RIAI in 1994. He has taught in the UK and the US and has been an external examiner at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, UEL and the AA.




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