Architect’s Studio Essentials – 10 objects + tools

Here’s a peek inside a few of the personal effects and tools I use to run 30X40 each day. This is a sampling of my favorites, there are more of course, I’m interested to hear what makes your ‘essentials’ list.
Sources can be found here:

As presented in the video, they are:
1) Muji A5 dot
2) Pentel’s Sign Pen (black + gray)
3) Bienfang 12″ x 50 yd trace
4) Froebel blocks
5) Alvin 12″x18″ self-healing cutting mat
6) OLFA L-2 + 18MM blades (the L-2 has the rubber handle, which is nice…)
7) C-THRU cork backed, stainless steel ruler (6″/12″/18″/24″ lengths)
8) Guitar Strings (D’Addario Extra Heavy – Drop C tuning is my favorite as the gauges are heavier)
9) Gaffer’s / Painter’s tape
10) Canon pancake lenses – 24MM + 40MM provide great variety. NOTE: these are not zoom lenses, these are fixed focal lengths – that’s important! Future video to describe why…

What are your favorites?

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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