Antoni Malinowski / Saturated Space – Colour Strategies

Lecture date: 2016-11-11

The afternoon symposium takes its title from the recently published book that is the subject of the AA exhibition. Fiona McLachlan, one of the co-authors, will open the symposium with a presentation related to the publication. Both Antoni Malinowski and Adam Furman of Saturated Space will give presentations related to colour in architecture and in 3D design.

Saturated Space began as an AA research cluster focussed on colour in architecture and in 3D design. Adam Furman and Antoni Malinowski organised lectures and symposia where many eminent scientists, theorists and practitioners gave presentations. Saturated Space commissioned several essays and the Saturated Space website is full of fascinating colour related texts. Presently Saturated Space exists as an open research platform related to colour studies and the practical work with colour in 3D.