Anna Neimark (March 31, 2021)

After introductions by Hernán Díaz Alonso and David Ruy, Anna Neimark discusses her work with Andrew Atwood at First Office. The first five projects involve blank spaces becoming specific spaces:
•“Shotgun house” (2014)
•“Possible table” for the “Possible mediums” exhibit (2014)
•“Rude forms among us” installation at the SCI-Arc gallery (2020)
•“Zoopol” imagines an animal print city (2011)
•“Pinterest HQ” (2013)

Neimark characterizes the next three projects as projections of rendering into material space:
•“Paranormal panorama” screening room at the MAK Garage Top for Constanze Ruhm and Christine Lang’s film“Cold Rehearsal” (2013)
•“A Background” installation of “The Drawing Show” at the A+D Museum (2016) and “B Background” installation at the Yale School of Architecture (2018)
•“Studio for art” in Virginia

Neimark discusses the last two projects as a re-definition of a generic (blank) form:
•An informal analysis project of neolithic dolmens, led to several works, including a proposal for P.S. 1 (2016) and a “build your own” app.
•“LA ADU” (2020) design adaptable for Accessory Dwelling Units of different sizes



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