An Introduction to AI for Designers – Advanced Tutorial 04

Introducing the new DigitalFUTURES course of free AI tutorials. Several of the top AI designers in the world have come together to offer the world’s first free, comprehensive course in AI for designers. This course starts off at an introductory level and gets progressively more advanced.

18 March, Introductory Tutorial Session
10.00 am EST, 4.00 pm CET, 11.00 pm China

Featured Artist
Weidi Zhang

Bruno Vianna
Staying in Character
Generative AI became a powerful tool to create visual narratives, which are only limited by our imagination and our capacity to describe it in a prompt. But such narratives often require artists to generate persistent characters, which is not so easily accomplished. This tutorial will look into the resources within Stable Diffusion that allows to create and control coherent fictional characters.

Wei Wu
“How to Scan (Almost) Anything? Introduction to Architectural Photogrammetry Workflow.”
This tutorial will last approximately 15 minutes and cover various aspects of photogrammetry methods, from the iPhone application to Agisoft Metashape, from object/furniture to building scale.

Arturo Tedeschi
Bridging ChatGPT and Grasshopper
At the moment, ChatGPT has the capability to generate Python scripts that can be directly integrated into Grasshopper. Even if still imperfect, the connection between Grasshopper and ChatGPT looks incredibly promising, mostly from an educational perspective.


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