An Architecturally Designed Private Gym Which Blends into the Landscape

Stealth Pavilion is an architecturally designed private gym which sits suitably disguised in its landscape, concealing its presence through select materiality. Plus Minus Design carefully integrates a multifunction volume into an established heritage-listed garden setting, combining a refined and contemporary approach.

Stealth Pavilion and its location amongst significant listed trees came with its associated challenges, and through a clever approach to concealment, the result combines ingenuity and precision to the architecturally designed private gym which blends into the surrounding landscape.

The brief for the pavilion was for a structure that would house an architecturally designed private home gym and also have the capacity to be adapted to separate guest accommodation as required. After the consideration of a number of locations, the chosen siting was within the drop zone of four of the five listed trees and its surrounding landscape.

Externally, cladding of bronze mirror allows the structure of the architecturally designed private gym to reflect the surrounding foliage and landscape, and seem non-existent to the passer-by while internally the finishes reflect a robust warmth, suitable to its function.

Built by Robert Plumb Build, key to Stealth Pavilion’s integration into the existing was the carefully curated landscape by Dangar Barin Smith.

Architecture by Plus Minus Design.
Build by Robert Plumb Build.
Landscape by Dangar Barin Smith.
Production by The Local Project.
Video by Cheer Squad.

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