An Architect’s Own Minimalist Family Home Designed to be Future-Proofed

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Architect Melanie Beynon’s Prahran home evolved to meet her family’s changing needs. Initially a two-person household, it now serves a family of four, necessitating extensions and renovations over time.

The transformation began in 2009 with a bathroom and laundry renovation, followed by changes to improve the kitchen/dining/living spaces while retaining the original 90s extension. A new glass hallway connects the house to the new sitting room and compact courtyard, creating versatile living spaces.

Materiality was essential, wanting texture and a minimalist interior. Melanie’s design choices emphasized simplicity, with second bricks finished in micro-cement. The result is a cohesive, future-proofed home she never plans to leave.

Website article with photographs and the floor plan;

This Minimalist House Brings Peace and Tranquility to the Family

A Designer’s Own Steel, Concrete and Glass Off-Grid Family Home

Melanie Beynon Architecture

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