Amazing Cutout ZOO TYPOGRAPHY Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

CREATE THIS 3D TEXT EFFECT THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! | We will create this text effect using nothing but a few stock images of animals. Anybody should be able to follow this tutorial and have fun!

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πŸ”₯ ↓ VIDEO GUIDE ↓ πŸ”₯
02:05 After looking over the assets, create the new file
03:23 Overlay the map graphic
04:44 Colorizing the map and background
05:57 Placing the text
07:37 Creating the Cutout/Peeling Effect
08:36 Changing the color of the cutouts
11:25 Adding the first round of shadows
12:51 Create the 3D shadows for the cutouts
16:13 Creating the inner shadow for depth
17:45 Adding the Giraffe
21:35 Adding the Lion
25:09 Adding the Elephant
27:15 Adding the Snake
29:14 Adding the Gorilla
33:12 Cleaning up the 3D shadows
34:38 Painting the shadows for the animals
36:06 Adding the trees/foliage
42:51 Adding the Owl and Dart Frog
45:45 Adding the final tree garnish and the global colorizing effect to finish everything.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will use a simple typeface mixed with color effects to build a paper style background and then create a 3D peeling letter effect and then talk about masking in animals for our β€œZOO” as well as mixing foliage, shadows, and much more to create a very cool looking type effect that you’re sure to love.

We will talk about Dodging and Burning, Shape Layers, Layer Masks, Creating Shadows, Building Depth, Compositing Elements of a Photo Manipulation, Color Effects, Faking 3D, Isolating Objects using Color Range, Working with Multiple Files at Once, and SO much more! Thanks for watching!

!!ATTENTION!! If you do create this effect, please upload it to Instagram and tag me in the image so I can see what you made! My Instagram is: @tutvid

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