Am I An Entrepreneur? What it takes to start your own business.

How I Became a Millionaire. Should I drop out of college to pursue my career? What does it take to run a startup. How do you become a millionaire with no college degree launching a tech startup?

CEO and founder of HireWire, Chau Nguyen sits down with Chris Do for this insight conversation about risk/reward, grit and betting it all. Chau talks candidly about big pivotal decisions, no regrets and the challenges and sacrifices that are needed to become a successful entrepreneur. This self made thirty year old became a millionaire and exited his first company Campus Special for 20 million dollars at the age of 33.

How was he able to do it?



00:49 An entrepreneur is a problem solver.
01:25 When is the time right to drop out of college?
02:25 Why weren’t you afraid to go against the grain? Weren’t you scared of disappointing your parents?
03:30 Where did your risk tolerance come from?
04:07 The power of introverts and blended cultures.
05:00 Any regrets from dropping out of college?
05:40 What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about dropping out?
06:30 Risk/Reward
06:49 Failing is not a big deal.
07:35 What does it mean to have grit?
12:35 When you plateau, it’s a sign to move on.
13:10 Do the things most people don’t do to get the things most people don’t get.
13:51 Campus Special. Chau’s first startup. How local businesses market to college students.

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