All-New Lightroom CC Tutorial – Working with Presets

The Amazing Power of Presets in the All-New Lightroom CC 2017! Freshly launched at Adobe Max 2017 in Las Vegas, learn how to work, combine, and fine tune the presets to your liking and apply some really fantastic effects to your images in seconds! In this video, let us introduce ourselves to the new Lightroom CC and I’ll take you through the super sleek interface of the same.

We’ll start off by a quick introduction to the software followed by an explanation of the interface. Then, we are going to look at the different tools and learn several tips to boost up your workflow. Then, we’ll learn how to work with presets followed by local and global adjustments to give a finishing touch. I hope this video helps you. Thanks for watching!

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1. Sample Image:

Photographer: Pasi Järvenpää
Instagram: @terry_bull

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