AI-generated brutalist buildings feature in hypnotic Moullinex music videos

Lisbon DJ Moullinex has shared an exclusive short music video showing an endlessly changing landscape of brutalist buildings drawn up by a generative design algorithm with Dezeen.

Moullinex, whose real name is Luís Clara Gomes, created two videos that use artificial intelligence (AI) to imagine a series of brutalist buildings.

The first video, which the artist shared on his Facebook page, is based on 200 photographs of modernist, concrete buildings including Le Corbusier’s High Court in Chandigarh, the São Paulo Museum of Art by Lina Bo Bardi and Ole Scheeren’s The Interlace.

These images acted as the dataset, which was used to train a generative network via the machine learning tool StyleGAN2, to create a string of entirely non-existent buildings with similar characteristics.

“It’s akin to showing thousands of pictures of a cat to a child and then asking them to draw a brand new cat based on what they now know are cat-like characteristics,” Gomes told Dezeen.

“The more cats you see, the more realistic cats you can imagine,” he continued. “A particularity of these networks is that you can ‘walk’ the latent space between two images. So the results are often striking, as the transitions are organic and seamless.”

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