Affordable homes would be deliberately unfinished in proposal by Lianjie Wu | Architecture | Dezeen

The final instalment of our Dezeen x Mini Living video series features an intentionally unfinished housing scheme, which combats London’s affordable housing crisis by allowing occupants to complete the building themselves.

Designed by Bartlett School of Architecture student Lianjie Wu, the conceptual proposal reimagines the traditional high-rise tower as a multi-storey U-shaped estate, with public and private spaces of various sizes stacked on top of each other.

Building upon the core principles of UK non-profit Naked House, Wu’s proposal sees homes completed up to the point at which they fulfil the minimum requirements for habitation.

Buyers would then take ownership of the open-ended basic structure and adapt it to suit their individual requirements.

Participants in the scheme would be provided with instructions on how to self-build and a catalogue from which to select the scale of the build, the type of neighbours, levels of privacy, and pre-designed modular components to customise their homes.

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