The ADVANCED 8-step graphic design process, revealed and explained to you guys in todays video.
This is a process that I personally use for my workflow, and the 8step process is essential for me, so that I end up with the best possible design solution, with the skills and knowledge that I have.

The design process is so important to the success of a project. Without a process in place, it is a lot like heading on a long journey without a map or navigation system. You will be lost, and if you end up with a decent design at the end, it probably will be due to luck and certainly won’t be sustainable.

I use this process mainly for working on logo designs, because it really helps me get in touch with the client, the company, the industry and the client base of my client. This ensures that the final logo design solution is not only effective, but that it will last a long time in the eyes of the consumer.

You cannot underestimate the design process, especially when designing a logo for a client. I consider it to be so crucial that I would never consider designing without a professional process in place. But what do you think? Do you use a process when designing, or is it something you don’t really take much notice of?

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