Adobe XD Masterclass: Episode 98 | Creative Cloud

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to get you designing!
00:00 Start
01:28 New Apple CarPlay update and design in XD
03:17 Car display sizes
04:07 Starting simple and current Apple guidelines
05:21 Confetti plugin – creating a starfield
07:34 Confetti plugin w/ star shape
08:41 Creating a speed gauge
14:02 Making gauge overlay meters
20:06 Choosing readable fonts – Apple default fonts
23:48 Mph and km/h displays
27:35 Gas gauge design
29:17 Reusing gauge elements to make other assets
32:02 Repeat grids – creating a directional/compass widget
35:40 Turn by turn directional widget
39:30 Creating a trip widget – font styles
43:41 Trip duration, fuel economy, distance indicator & icons
49:07 Dropping in a steering wheel for effect
53:15 Changing colors of the gauges – converting to components
55:32 Wrap-up

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Adobe XD Masterclass: Episode 98 | Creative Cloud


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