Adobe XD Masterclass: Episode 80

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to get you designing!

00:00 Start
01:26 James Webb Space Telescope app
04:42 Blend modes – text over dark/light backgrounds
08:12 Simulating the NASA logo – Pen Tool vectors in XD
15:39 Designing the landing page –
20:09 Font choices – Title design
25:53 Illustrating telescope mirrors
29:56 Adding a gradient to the mirrors – blend modes
32:45 Inserting video into the mirror image
34:55 Blending the video with the illustrated mirror assets
39:00 3D transforming the illustrated asset
42:53 Subheader and font choice
45:50 Video placeholder an mirror icon
51:25 Creating a hover effect – enlarge the video
54:33 “Close” button


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