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While we continue to adapt to a world facing a number of challenges, one thing that remains the same is the power of creativity. Your host Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, screens all 13 films in the first-ever Adobe Stock Film Festival. With unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, audio from Epidemic Sound, and Premiere Pro, 13 filmmakers from around the world rose to the challenge of producing a film in under five days. The result showcases their passion and what an imaginative mind can do.

“Classified” by Jasmine McCullough
“Muya” by Graydon Sheppard
“Wilding” by Anthony Gaddis
“The Portal” by Vivek Vadoliya
“Possibilities” by Daniel Koren
“We Fight But You’re Fabulous” by Daina O. Pusic
“Little Duck” by Zae Jordan
“Across the Triangle of Thought” by Thomas MacVicar
“Home” by Pablo Fusco
“The Bubble” by Taylan Yilmaz
“Wonderful Lives” by Yukihiro Shoda
“Sweet Escape” by Kelsey Rath
“How to be Creative” by Monica O’Hara and James Hurley

Go behind the scenes:

Adobe Stock:



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To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.


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