Adobe Spark: Create Thumb-Stopping Content in Minutes with Veronica Belmont | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Are you struggling with creating social media content that resonates with your readers and viewers? Or do you have no idea what to post when or why? In this session, learn how to tap into the potential of social media for your organization or brand. Join Veronica Belmont, Lisa Boghosian, and Verna Bhargava from Adobe Spark’s product and design team as they demonstrate easy ways to master your social media strategy. Don’t feel overwhelmed — have a plan!

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

What to make on social media and why (and how to keep the momentum going!)
What types of content allow you to achieve your social media goals
Best practices for designing motion graphic content that showcases your brilliant brand to the world
How to find an audience and build lasting relationships with them online



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