Adobe Remix Project by Baugasm – BTS at Adobe MAX 2018

What does is take to be hired by Adobe to collaborate on the Remix Project? In this episode, Chris Do speaks with designer, Vasjen Katro a.k.a. Baugasm, as he speaks about his participation with the Adobe Remix project and what led him to work on such a notable project.

About Vasjen Katro:
Vasjen Katro, a.k.a Baugasm, is a visual designer from Albania. He started a few years ago with a daily project to express his creativity and develop new skills. Several hundred poster designs later, he has created his own unique style and attracted clients like: Adobe, Coca Cola and Converse to name a few. He wakes up when he wants and only works when he’s inspired—Living the Dream.

Personally I love colors, gradients and typography, but I don’t like to call it a “style.” I see it as a product, I believe artists and designers who have a certain style and get stuck with it, are boring. Their art or work will always be the same. I struggle with this a lot because I try to keep it fresh which is a challenge. I see it as a product, so I see it as something that has to evolve over time.

About the Adobe Remix project:
The Adobe Remix program is a unique program in that we invite our community to bring their individual or collective voice to life through our corporate mark. We bring them inside our brand, exposing our most sacred brand asset—our logo—asking them to put “their mark” on ours. For Vasjen’s Adobe Remix, he added a new ingredient to his process—artificial intelligence (AI). Drawing inspirations from sci-fi movies and van Gogh paintings.

See the Adobe Remix project recap:

Baugasm on the Futur Livestream:

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